Comfortable environment for modern people

A charger in transport is a necessity in modern life. Almost every passenger carries a smartphone, which needs regular charging.

USB charging system is designed for fast, convenient and safe charging of mobile devices and gadgets in the passenger coach via USB interface.

System Features

The ability to charge any mobile devices without using a portable power supply

Energy saving. There is almost no power consumption in standby mode

Protection against voltage surges and short circuits

A wide range of chargeable devices of different power and battery charging current

Data security of connected devices

Compact design, vandal-resistant design


since 2019

The mobile device charging system is serially installed on electric trains manufactured by JSC Demikhovsky Machine-Building Plant of EP2D and EP3D series


Equipping of five electric trains of the EP3D series of the Volga-Vyatka Suburban Passenger Company fleet