19 July 2022

Opening of the TMX Intelligent Systems Machine Vision Laboratory

Representatives of Transtelesoft LLC took part in the opening of the Machine Vision Laboratory at TMX Intelligent Systems.

The guests were presented with innovative products:
the intelligent obstacle detection system CTRL@VISION 100, the driver assistance system when moving cars forward CTRL@VISION 100WE, the passenger boarding/disembarkation control system CTRL@VISION BOARD.

Our company has presented a new digital Locomotive safety system “Bort” with the possibility of integration with technical vision and automated control system for logistics management of the car fleet of an industrial enterprise.

An interesting development was also presented – a remote control system for a shunting locomotive.

SDU ML allows you to control a locomotive (several locomotives) at a distance of up to 1000 m via a radio channel using a portable remote control. It can be adapted to any shunting locomotive or electric locomotive.
It can also be used in combination with an obstacle detection system.

Photo: TMX Intelligent Systems.