16 October 2023


Transtelesoft LLC, as part of the TMX-IS group of companies, took part in the exhibition and on the discussion platforms of the IV EURASIAN FORUM ON SECURITY AND DIGITALIZATION IN RAILWAY TRANSPORT  

The event was traditionally held on October 14, 2023 at the site of the Academy of Logistics and Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty. The main task of the forum was stated as providing a platform for discussing important issues on the safety and digitalization of railway transport, the development of preventive measures during the operations of the transportation process to exclude cases of harm to life, human health, the environment, damage to the property of participants in the transportation process and third parties. Representatives of the transport industries of the CIS countries, the USA, China, Europe, Southeast Asia and other manufacturers of engineering and technical systems in terms of ensuring transport security and information technology participated.

Panel sessions were held during the forum:

– Ensuring traffic safety on railway transport Moderator: Shakenov Marat Arapbekovich Director of the Traffic Safety Department of JSC NC KTZ

– Digital transformation of the railway industry Moderator: Nurgaliev Nurbol Zholdasbekovich Director of the branch of JSC NC KTZ – “Directorate of Automation and Digitalization”

– Modernization of infrastructure Moderator: Gorbunov Konstantin Sergeevich Head of the Emergency Monitoring Center of JSC “Russian Railways”

-Freight cars, maintenance and prospects Moderator: Nygymetov Kairatken Sagatovich Executive Director – Director of the Department of Wagon Economy of LLP “KTZ – Freight transportation”

-Development of transport science and improvement of personnel training for the transport logistics and communication industry. Moderator: Saltanat Nuradilovna Amirgalieva, President-Rector of the Academy of Logistics and Transport

-Operation and reliability of the locomotive fleet. Warning of the passage of a forbidding signal with the use of safety devices “BORT” Moderator: Umbetov Asan Iztleuovich Executive Director – Director of the Department of Locomotive Operation of LLP “KTZ – Freight Transportation”.

In the consonant panel section, the General Director of Transtelesoft LLC, Yevgeny Sergeevich Belousov, presented a report on the Development of the Bort Locomotive Traffic Safety System. The Head of the Development Department of Transtelesoft LLC spoke on the topic “Progressive development of locomotive traffic safety systems”.

The locomotive safety system “Bort” is widely implemented on a wide range of locomotive types in the Republic of Kazakhstan, fully complies with both the traditional requirements for safety devices, the requirements of the present time and the trends in the development of unified digital platforms from the interaction of which a complex digital management environment for rail transport and the transport industry as a whole is formed. LSB “Bort” has an appropriate reserve of computing power for fast multithreaded data processing with the ability to quickly and easily increase these capacities without significant material costs as the range of tasks to be solved expands, examples of which were outlined in the reports.

At the exhibition stand, visitors got acquainted with the latest automation and control systems for rail transport.

As part of the business program, TMH-IS Group of companies also made presentations:

“Modernization of the infrastructure of the backbone network of JSC NC KTZ”, Evgeny Lyubavin, Director of LocoTech-Signal Asia.

“TMH solutions in the field of traffic management in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Arthur Keyan, Sales Director in the CIS TMH Intelligent Systems.

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