28 August 2023

PRO//Motion.Expo 2023, Saint-Petersburg

On August 24-27, Transtelesoft LLC took part in the international railway salon of space 1520 “PRO//The Expo 2023 movement” in St. Petersburg.

At the stand of Transtelesoft LLC, the guests got acquainted with innovative solutions and products, including the Bort locomotive traffic safety system. The Bort system has already been successfully operated on locomotives on the railway network of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Specially for operation on Russian railways, specialists of Transtelesoft LLC, together with NIIAS JSC, have developed the Bort-R locomotive safety system, in particular, an interface based on the graphical solution of the Block system developed on the hardware platform of Transtelesoft LLC has been implemented. The Bort-R system is integrated with all adjacent train systems: video surveillance and registration system, fire protection system, fire alarm system, communication system, passenger counting system, USB, as well as with the latest automation and traffic control systems for

The visitors were presented with an on-board predictive diagnostics system and a driver assistance system when moving cars forward, which was also presented as part of the first electric shunting locomotive EMKA2 in the history of Russian transport engineering at the open exposition of the exhibition.

As part of the first day of the business program of the XI International Railway Salon of Equipment and Technologies “PRO//Movement.Expo” in St. Petersburg, a panel discussion “The future of drones. When and what levels of automation will be implemented on railway rolling stock”, which was attended by Andrey Romanchikov, Managing Director for the Development of TMH Intelligent Control Systems, CEO of TMH Intelligent Systems.

During the discussion, it was noted that TMH develops rolling stock and prepares production taking into account the need to achieve maximum automation.


The stand of TMX-Intelligent Systems Group of companies with the exposition of Transtelesoft LLC enjoyed great popularity and an incessant flow of visitors.

The stand of the TMH-IS group of companies was visited by deputies as part of the exhibition tour. Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Valentin Ivanov, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Kirill Polyakov, Head of the St. Petersburg Metro Evgeny Kozin and General Director of TMH Kirill Lipa.

Kirill Lipa, General Director of Transmashholding JSC, and Andrey Romanchikov, General Director of TMH-Intelligent Systems, told the delegation in detail about breakthrough automation technologies in the field of automated traffic control and locomotives, their safety, about the advantages and capabilities of machine vision systems and diagnostics of key locomotive components. The machine vision system has unique capabilities for object recognition and information analysis, which makes it indispensable for railway infrastructure

The guests were greatly interested in the presentation of the latest automation systems for controlling the movement of urban rail transport, locomotive safety systems and control systems that provide

Railway salon “PRO//The EXPO-2023 movement was held for the first time in St. Petersburg at the Museum of Railways of Russia. More than 100 Russian and foreign companies took part in the event.


Manufacturers of rolling stock and freight rail transport presented more than 30 samples of new railway equipment. The exposition of the exhibition amounted to more than 4,000 square meters in pavilions and in the open area and more than 1,000 linear meters on the trackbed. The schedule of events traditionally included bright dynamic displays of locomotives from various historical eras. The event became a bright event for the entire Russian and International railway industry, important results were summed up and vectors of development of the railway engineering industry for the coming years were determined.