2 June 2023

Locomotive safety system “Bort” for KZ8A

The “Bort” locomotive safety system is installed on KZ8A electric locomotives – a powerful two-section mainline AC electric locomotive with asynchronous TED, produced using Alstom technologies at the EKZ Elektrovoz kurastyru zauyty LLP plant in the industrial park of Astana.


KZ8A is a cargo two-section AC electric locomotive with asynchronous TED with intelligent control and an auto-driving system, which until recently was equipped with a CLUB-U security system. Since the 0105th locomotive, the KZ8A has been equipped with a more modern “Bort” security system with an LCD display, touch control, support for the integration of all digital devices on the locomotive and digital train control systems, including interval control, including via the ithernet industrial interface. The KZ8A 0105 electric locomotive has passed all factory tests and will soon be put into operation at the Astana depot, where the KZ4AT 0040 passenger electric locomotive is already winding thousands of runs, also equipped with the Bort LSB developed by the Russian company Trastelesoft LLC from production locations on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the production site of the Kazakh partner Transtelesoft LLP.


LSB “Bort” has been approved for wide implementation on the entire locomotive fleet of JSC NC KTZ.

Link to the video: watch the video