21 September 2022

Train drivers in Kazakhstan appreciated new solutions in the system for safe movement of trains “BORT”

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From 08. to 20.09,2022, on the Almaty-Sary Ozek section, there were trips of developers of Transtelesoft LLC, AVP Technology LLC and the on-board systems maintenance service of Transtelesoft LLP with representatives of the customer of NC KTZ JSC on TEP33A locomotives equipped with the USAVP auto guidance system – integrated with the locomotive traffic safety system “BOARD”.

The new solution is positively evaluated by all drivers, whose attention was previously scattered on two monitors.

Now the information screen of the auto-driving system is placed on the monitor of the BORT security system and data entry is carried out using a touch keyboard on a single OMI monitor.

During the trips, the transmission of the speed value up to hundredths of a fraction from the On-board system to the Car driving system was successfully verified.

On this difficult section of the track, with elements of protracted ascents, serpentines and descents, experimental operation of new solutions continues, with the participation of representatives of developers to put into operation the drivers of automated train driving modes.

For further replication of technologies, electronic maps are being prepared for all sections of the circulation of TEP33A diesel locomotives.