28 September 2022

The development of machine vision is a strategic project for TMH Holding

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About the introduction of digital solutions and automation in the railway industry (development of safety systems and train driving in an integrated technical solution, machine vision technology and virtual coupling) and development strategy until 2026 – in an interview with Managing Director of TMH for the development of intelligent control systems, CEO of TMH- Intelligent Systems Andrey Romanchikov: https://tmholding.ru/media/article/18847.html

“The introduction of digital solutions and automation today is a key tool for improving the efficiency of work for carriers and, accordingly, one of the main factors in gaining an advantage over competitors for rolling stock manufacturers. The one who offers the most effective technologies for automating machinery, diagnostic accuracy, improving transportation efficiency and integrated solutions, becomes a leader. Transmashholding (TMH), the largest manufacturer of rolling stock in Russia, which is in the top 5 of the world market, is actively working in this direction.” – Andrey Romanchikov, Managing Director of TMH for the Development of Intelligent Control Systems, CEO of TMH-Intelligent Systems (TMH-IS, formerly LocoTech–Signal), told about the development of digital solutions to ROLLINGSTOCK.

“- How is the new BORT locomotive safety system developing?”

“- Now we have agreed with Russian Railways and NIIAS a roadmap for the development of a new generation of these systems. The software will be from Russian Railways, the platform itself and the hardware will be ours. The modern system will have a modular architecture and extensible functionality. Integration with the auto-driving system will be implemented in an optimal way, which will allow the driver to use one monitor. The reliability indicators of the equipment will be significantly increased. “Bort” will perform its functions on any sections: with automatic, semi-automatic auto-locking, as well as when organizing the movement of trains with movable block sections.”