9 December 2021

Bishkek: “BORT” for use on Kyrgyz Temir Zholu locomotives

In continuation of the topics raised at the Eurasian Forum on Safety and Digitalization in Railway Transport, which was held in Almaty, at the invitation of the host party, an event was held in Bishkek to present equipment and digital technologies developed by Transtelesoft for use in railway transport in order to improve traffic safety and management efficiency.

During the meeting of representatives of Transtelesoft LLC with the General Director of the STATE ENTERPRISE “NATIONAL COMPANY KYRGYZ TEMIR ZHOLU” Azamat Sakiev and holding round tables in the management of the enterprise under the chairmanship of NDD Usunbakunov D.A. and in the locomotive depot, a branch of the locomotive economy of TZE Sayakbayev Zh.S., technologies of automated passenger traffic counting, a video recording system of events in the trip, an intra-train communication system, etc. were presented. The reports of Evgeny Belousov, General Director of Transtelesoft LLC, and Dmitry Volkovsky, Head of the Development Department, were heard. The speakers were RBZ Alygulov T.M., FLX Decoder Orozaliev M.R., RBSE Irsaliev N., RBT Ashilov, SHE Akmatbekov A.K., TG Bektimirov U.S., TZE Sayakbayev Zh.S., SHAZ Morev A.M., TI Chalkov A.G.

The locomotive safety system “BORT” was especially presented for discussion, which was recommended by the meeting to the management of the State Enterprise “NK”Kyrgyz Temir Zholu” for consideration as a promising safety system on Kyrgyz Temir Zholu locomotives.