29 December 2021

New solutions for train traffic safety from Transtelesoft LLC were warmly welcomed at the ALMATY depot

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the basis of the Almaty locomotive depot, work has been successfully carried out to verify the operation of a new technical solution from Transtelesoft. The features of the construction of the digital platform of the BORT locomotive safety system made it possible for the first time to combine the indication of the safety device and the car driving system on one LCD display with touch control. Previously, the driver had to concentrate his attention on two different monitors, which also duplicated some of the information necessary for the work. From December 15 to December 26, 2021. Together with representatives of Transtelesoft LLC and AVP Technology LLC, control operational trips with passenger trains were held on the Almaty-Sary Ozek section on TEP33A diesel locomotives using auto-driving systems up to 92 percent per trip. Recall that starting with the TEP locomotive with the number 0021 and higher, these locomotives, instead of morally obsolete safety devices CLUB-U, are equipped at JSC “Locomotive kurastyru zauyty” with locomotive safety systems of the new generation “BORT”.

The integrated solution was warmly welcomed by the drivers and received positive feedback. When moving by reserve, when the operation of the auto-driving system is not in demand in a convenient menu, the possibility of switching the safety device on BOARD to offline mode is realized in the likeness of a modern smartphone. Artem Bikuzhin, senior engineer instructor for training locomotive crews at the Almaty depot of the NC KTZ GP branch of JSC, noted: “Using information from two systems related to train movement control and its control is a simple and, at the same time, an ingenious solution to help the difficult work of the driver. If a separate monitor is excluded from the auto-driving system, then this is not only the convenience of information perception, but also a reduction in the probability of failures in general.”

The expediency of such a decision is also supported by the economic component, which has a beneficial effect on the costs of the customer of JSC NC KTZ.